Jayashree Ramapriyan


Jayashree Ramapriyan CEO Critical Edge. Hails from a lineage of educationalists, daughter of Late Dr.N.Anantha Rangachar, Professor, Mysore University. She has graduated in Science from Mysore University in the year 1983-86.

She has worked at senior managerial levels in MNC's. In her capacity as Director, she also manages Administration and finance division of Promax Management consultants private Limited.

She has the foresight to think what is possible. She stretches it further to drive "it's always possible"! Whether she realizes or not she thinks at a systems level and she executes flawlessly using elements that are within the system. If needed, she will not hesitate to modulate the expanse of her system in order to establish symbiosis between diverse systems. She has the discipline, strength and determination.

If you were to delve deeply into the lives and careers of Mrs.Jayashree you would find that she is extremely active in operating a business and conducting multiple business affairs.