About InnovEdge

In the era of Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization (LPG) there is a fierce competition in business, since India is growing globally. To meet the challenges young minds have to work in cohesion to make a better India. To achieve this, education and training has to go hand in hand. In the engineering Stream, concept and practice have to be understood in parallel.

Students have to be equipped with technical, human and conceptual skills to become better professionals. Innovation and creativity play an important role in creating leaders in the market.

Critical Edge is making this innovative effort to bridge the gap between concept and practise and thereby help young minds in becoming professionals.

INNOVEDGE is software that is specially designed keeping Educational Institutions and students in mind. This is an automatic question paper generator which generates Random questions from the data bank for tests. This will ease the teacher's job from supervising exams to the correction and results stage.

How is this product useful?

This is very useful software to reduce the manual work

Will automatically chose random questions based on the requirements.
Every Individual will get a unique question paper.
Won't need faculty supervision during exams as there will be no scope to copy.
Evaluation followed immediately after exam and results will be displayed on the screen.
This will reduce teachers work load.

Aren't you looking for something - someone like your Dad / Mom, who held you in his / her arms & taught you basics in mathematics – 2*2 = 4 ! As a tiny tot - What a comfortable feeling it was – to learn @ ease !
As you grew, you started to look around & learn things which interested you the most – You imbibed everything that came in to your focus & started developing your mental faculty
Then as you grew, you learnt from schools & colleges that provided systematic learning via specified syllabus
Supposing you have a product which systematically develops you to expand your learning at the same time preparing you for your elevated career opportunities!

Here we unveil an exciting software product – InnoEdge – That comes to you in the most simplistic manner ever
The Student version of the software product – InnoEdge allows you to take an objective test
It tells you your results once you complete – You know precisely where your degree of learning is !
It also tells you where you have gone wrong in your understanding ! So you can correct yourself & be better prepared !!!
You can take as many tests as you want – Every time you take it is different ! So keep expand your learning till you felt you have gained mastery.
To add more – it prepares you precisely for CET !